Landers’ Classroom Heroes for November

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We at Landers Auto Group are ecstatic to announce our November Classroom Heroes for Arkansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma! Each time we add an educator to our hero lineup, we hope to raise the hardworking people, who help build our children’s futures, into a space where they can be recognized. Thank you to everyone who nominated the teachers in their lives! With the end of 2021 Classroom Heroes just days away, we’ve added DeAndre Ellis, Brad Douglas, and Amber Walsh to our nominees in the running for our Semester Hero. Here is more information on our November Classroom Heroes! 

Arkansas – DeAndre Ellis 

DeAndre teaches at Murrell Taylor Elementary in Jacksonville and works with K-5th graders on creating different life goals. He was nominated three different times, with each nomination wanting to emphasize how DeAndre aims to create an environment where every student is proud of their own achievements. His students know their goals and have the confidence to reach each one. 

Janell Wright: “It gives me great honor and pleasure to nominate Mr. DeAndre Ellis. I’ve known Mr. Ellis for many years. He always demonstrated his love and passion to help children. Mr. Ellis has worked with Easter Seals for many years. Watching him working with the participants is amazing. Mr. Ellis is a very giving person. I personally watched Mr. Ellis buy gifts for his students, throw birthday parties, and take them to the library. The fact that he spends his own money is not a factor; it’s the amount of personal time he dedicates to his students. As a friend, I notice how gentle and kind he is with little ones too. I have two grandLADIES who simply love Mr. DeAndre. Whenever he sees them, he always asks them something scholastic. He would ask the four-year-old to show him four fingers. He would also ask her the colors of the PawPatrol pups, the ‘Baby Shark’ family, the sounds of animals. For her sister, he asks her how to spell her name. He saw that she was having difficulty making the letter Z. She would make the letter backward. My grandLADY was in tears. She repeatedly said that she was a ‘dummy and that she give up.’ Mr. DeAndre asked her to stop crying and stop saying that she was a dummy. He told her that giving up was not an option. She kept working on it. One afternoon after school, she came home made a perfect Z! She was so happy that she called Mr. DeAndre to tell him she made a good Z! He immediately replied that he was proud of her. She told him that she loved him and she was going to show him that she knows how to spell her WHOLE name! She said, ‘I just gotta show Mr. DeAndre I know how to write my whole name.’ She was even eager to show him her report card. When she showed him, he was ecstatic. Mr. Ellis’s encouraging words not only boosted her self-esteem; it gave her the “jumpstart” she needed. His passion and drive for little ones to excel is immaculate! To sum everything up, there are many reasons why I would like to nominate Mr. DeAndre Ellis as a Classroom Hero. I can DEFINITELY call him a hero to my grandLADIES.” 

Paula Boykins: “I believe DeAndre is a hero because he always puts the children first. He believes it is important to have student-teacher relationships. He makes sure the students know they can do anything they put their minds to. He encourages them to no longer see a teacher, but a person who cares about their future. He always remains a positive role model. I have watched DeAndre go over and beyond by making sure the students at his school have food, water, transportation, and someone to listen to, especially during COVID. Not only does he take care of the students at his school, but he makes sure to attend volleyball/basketball games, he contributes to fundraisers from other students from different schools in the community. I believe DeAndre is a hero because he not only impacts the students at Murrell Taylor Elementary in a positive way but his community as well.”

Cicely Jackson: “Mr. Ellis is an amazing, under appreciated CBI Professional. He has been with the school system for 14 years. He goes above and beyond the call of duty for his students. During the holidays, he donates food and purchases gifts for students less fortunate. He is always giving to his student without hesitation.”Missouri: Brad Douglas 

Missouri – Brad Douglas 

Brad teaches Television Production and Broadcasting to 10th-12th graders at Joplin High School. He was nominated by the parent of one of his students for his dedication to making sure his students know how to produce high-quality television and broadcasting.

Paula Carson: “Mr. Douglas teaches a full array of classes in film, video, television, and audio production to students, not just from Joplin, but from other schools who send their students to benefit from his amazing talent and generous mentorship. He also manages the JETHD (Joplin Eagles Television in high definition) television station, training his students in all aspects of its operation. The station airs school board meetings and other important community events as well as many athletic competitions. He takes students who have absolutely no experience and, in a short time, has them both motivated and able to produce high-quality videos. He works all hours of the day and night many days per week. He maintains the equipment in top-quality shape and allows the students to check items out. During the pandemic, he went above and beyond to make sure commencement exercises and other graduation events were broadcast. He enters his students into regional competitions, and he supports them with technical expertise, kindness, and wise mentorship. Many of his students have gone on to collegiate and professional careers in the media field because they were able to develop such a sound foundation and love of the art through his amazing efforts. Our high schoolers are very fortunate that he has chosen the path of education to the sacrifice of his own professional career. But in doing so, he is creating an ethical talented labor force that will appropriately shape thoughts and opinions and create a more informed society in the four states area and beyond.”

Oklahoma – Amber Walsh 

Amber Walsh teaches Kindergarten at Bill Wallace Early Childhood Center in NinneKah. She was nominated by the parent of one of her students for being the best teacher (the best pirate captain) and helping her students feel comfortable in the classroom. 

Flor Avila: “Amber has done so much for all three of my boys throughout the years. Amber goes above and beyond teaching all her students. My son Auggie says ‘she’s the best teacher in the world! Because she’s the captain of their pirate ship’ (her room is decorated like a pirate ship). There are so many deserving teachers, but Amber truly deserves this prize. All the effort that she puts into making the kids’ day brighter. She’s a kind and loving teacher. Even with my two older boys, she’ll hug them and make them still feel loved. She has an Amazon wish list that this prize could help her with.”

With our November Classroom Heroes all being a staple in their communities, we can’t wait to see how our heroes continue to help their communities thrive. Keep a close eye on our social media channels to see more on each of our Classroom Heroes and to find out who will win our Semester Hero title!

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