Donuts: The Good and the Bad

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There’s just something about fried circles that can make a morning better. Doughnuts, or more commonly known as donuts in the U.S., are fried dough that is typically shaped into a circle, with or without a middle, that is then decorated with sugar or icing to sweeten the treat. The treat itself has become so integral to certain circles, that the first Friday in June has been christened National Donut Day. A little early to the celebration, we at Landers want to put in our thoughts on donuts, both the good and the bad, from Glazed to burnt rubber. Let us know if you agree with our choices! 

The Good 


The Glazed donut will be our classic mention, a safe choice to start the list with. Where you get the Glazed will determine how much glaze is coated onto the dough. The mixture that melts in your mouth is enough to rank the classic pretty high on our list of good donuts. 


A nice twist on a classic, the Cruller is more likely to be more crunchy on the outside compared to the Glazed, but with a similar fluffy interior. The spiral, fun shape defines it as a donut more so than its taste, which does lower it on the list but keeps it standard middle-ground for good donuts. 

Chocolate Frosted

If you like chocolate, then Chocolate Frosted is probably a step above Glazed; however, if you don’t like chocolate, then Chocolate Frosted is probably a step down from Glazed. The extra sugar is thinly layered on top of the typical dough and the optional glaze to add flavor. The sweetness is doubled, and while typical donut chocolate is firm enough not to melt immediately once it hits your tongue, the chocolate flavor lasts throughout each bite and even after the donut is finished. 

Jelly Filled

From chocolate to blueberry to cream cheese, jelly-filled donuts are distinct enough that their fanbase is a really specific group of people. Jelly Filled donuts have a specific texture in addition to the option to choose from multiple flavors. 

Donut Holes

Most Donut Holes are just bite-sized Glazed donuts. Donut Holes almost didn’t make the cut, as they are completely spherical and missing the standard donut shape. Sometimes they’re coated in sugar or sprinkles, but typical Donut Holes are to just pop one in your mouth as you continue on. They make the list because of their lack of mess compared to other donuts and how easy they are to eat while driving. 

The Bad

Donuts & Burnouts 

Are you the type of person who would rather do a donut than eat one? While we aren’t telling you to go out and do one – they can sometimes result in citations and fines – we’d be lying if we said they weren’t just as fun as eating a piece of fried dough. So, for those of you who need a visual of a car donut, picture the scene from Fast & Furious 3: Tokyo Drift where Han is showing off to a girl at a red light. Or the beginning of Kingsman: The Secret Service when Eggsy did donuts in a stolen car before being offered the chance to join the spy organization Kingsman. The idea is to get the back wheels going quick enough to spin the rear of the car faster than the front. The end goal leaves tread marks on the asphalt, typically in the shape of a circle, maybe two if the spin wasn’t tight enough. 

But why are car donuts bad? Well, without mentioning the chance of the driver spinning out of control and crashing, donuts are tough on tires. Too many donuts may skyrocket a person’s sugar, but too many donuts can also burn the tread off tires, or compromise the tires themselves, which means replacements would be needed. Your car’s suspension, drivetrain, and transmission also take a hit while you create enough smoke to block any audience’s view. Overall, too many intentional donuts can lower the life and strain the inner workings of your vehicle, causing more service appointments to be needed. 

These are just a few donuts important to the Landers team. Keep an eye out on our blogs to see if we write a guide to see which car you should buy based on your favorite donut.

Did we mention your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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