Meet our October Classroom Heroes

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Congratulations to Melissa Brown, Karen Mason, and Susan Nash for being chosen as our October Classroom Heroes! Here’s to you for working hard to make sure your students are well cared for and are excited to learn in your classroom. 

Learn more about each hero and read their nominations from those that recognize their hard work. 

Arkansas – Melissa Brown

Melissa Brown is a guidance counselor at Jefferson Elementary for Kindergarten through fifth grade. Melissa is going on her 29th year working in the school system, and she was nominated by her mother, Rebecca Rather. Rebecca nominated Melissa for her drive to support her students and their families, even when they’re not on school grounds. 

“She makes backpacks every Friday and when the children were out of school, she delivered food, not just for the kids, but siblings as well. . . Parents still call her for help even after they leave Jefferson if the child has a problem. She also receives college announcements and wedding invitations. Her heart never leaves these children.” 

After being informed of her win, Melissa said, “Thank you! I am beyond honored! I love what I do, and getting to serve students and families is the best job ever! Rebecca Rather is my mom and my biggest cheerleader. She worked for Little Rock School District as the communications director and then later as the student registration director. She has heard about each day’s challenges and celebrations for my whole teaching career.” 

Missouri – Karen Mason

Karen Mason is a Family and Consumer Science (FACS) teacher for grades nine through 12 at East Newton High School. She was nominated by her former student, Kendra Kennedy. 

“I am nominating my former FACS teacher and Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) advisor. Mrs. Mason became my second mom and supported me all through high school when I had questions or crazy ideas. For example, I told her I wanted to become a state officer through FCCLA. She was there every step of the way. She has taught for a long time and has many people looking up to her including staff. I still talk to Mrs. Mason every time I see her. She was the one who encouraged me to become a FACS teacher. She also drives the school bus morning and afternoon, is an officer and member through MoEFACS, MOACTE, and ACTE, and she also does catering events with her FCCLA chapter. She’s an honored teacher and coworker, a mom, aunt, sister, and a friend. She’s my teacher, 2nd mom, and hero.”

Oklahoma – Susan Nash

Susan Nash is a fourth grade science and social studies teacher at Bridge Creek Intermediate School. Susan has been a teacher for 16 years and was nominated by her daughter, Louisa Nash. 

“She loves to get the students involved by doing hands-on [learning] in the classroom. Besides meeting their academic goals, she also tries to help meet their other needs. Every year she has a classroom full of students with different needs. This year is no exception! She helps monitor the medical and emotional well-being of students. She worries about the students’ basic requirements, like if they have a water bottle to drink or a snack to eat if they are hungry! My mom keeps bottles of water in her classroom along with snacks, and the students know they are welcome to them. My mom also listens to the students to make sure they are ok. Listening, caring, teaching, and providing a safe environment for her students every day is her top priority! That is why I am nominating my mom, Susan Nash – because she cares about the whole child and their well-being!” 

When we reached out, Susan said, “Wow! I am speechless! What an honor to be recognized for a job that I love doing! These last two years have definitely been challenging and rewarding. Working with and listening to each child is more important now than ever, with so much stress happening on a global scale. Again, thank you for this honor! I am extremely proud to be a teacher!” 


How to Nominate

Tell us your Classroom Hero’s story. We’re looking for teachers who have made an impact, who strive to do the best for their students, and who deserve to be recognized for their work. Nominate your hero during the nomination period, and watch closely for when we announce the winners. 

Here’s the schedule for the fall. 

September 1-21: Nomination Period

September 21-30: Panel Deliberation Period 

October 1: September Classroom Hero Announcement

October 1-21: Nomination Period

October 21-29: Panel Deliberation Period

November 1: October Classroom Hero Announcement

November 1-21: Nomination Period

November 21-30: Panel Deliberation Period

December 1: November Classroom Hero Announcement

December 1-15: Voting Period for Semester Hero, the Grand Prize Winner

December 17: Semester Hero Announcement

Voting in December is public and will be available on the same website as the nominations. We want your help to find our monthly Classroom Heroes and then vote on who should be our Semester Hero! 

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