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July 3rd, 2021 by

Your vehicle needs don’t stay the same over time. Kids come along, and you decide to size up. Those same little ones grow up and head off to college, and you might be thinking it’s time for something more compact. Or, maybe you just want to shake things up and find a new driving experience. At the Steve Landers Auto Group, we provide a hassle-free way to sell your car so you can free up space in your garage for the new vehicle you need. We’ll buy your car, no matter the make or model or year, even if you don’t choose to buy a vehicle from us. Read on to find out just how simple it is to sell your car!

A few years ago, most people would rely on writing “for sale” on their car, or even listing it in the newspaper or on Craigslist. Once it’s up, the seller is required to sit around and wait for a bite and arrange their schedule for meetups and test drives. Why go through all this hassle when you can simply bring your vehicle to our dealership and get an offer in as little as 15 minutes?

We’ll offer you a quote here so you can assess the market value of your vehicle before taking offers. Even if you don’t intend to sell, you can use our tool to know your vehicle’s worth. It might be the case that it’s better for you to sell your vehicle or trade-in for a different model to lower your payments. Next, print off our preliminary trade-in form to give us all the important information about your vehicle from the engine, transmission type, trim level, and interior and exterior condition. This form also allows you to include your Lender information if you still have outstanding payments on your vehicle. When you complete this form ahead of time, we will add $100 to your trade-in value!

Then, drive your vehicle to your nearest Landers dealership, no appointment necessary. When you arrive, simply tell our front-desk associate that you would like to sell your vehicle. You can get an offer in under 20 minutes. If you accept it, we’ll manage the documents and send you home with your payment.

If you’d prefer not to do things in person, that’s no problem! Just go to and complete the online form to get an offer right away The offer you’ll receive is based on the Kelley Blue Book value and the condition of your vehicle. Then, you can schedule to drop off or for us to pick up your vehicle from your home. If you’d like to drop off at our dealership, simply select your nearest Landers dealership as your dropoff location. After a quick, on-site verification of the vehicle condition selected, we will handle all the necessary paperwork, making it easy for you to set up your payment.

Selling your car with the Steve Landers Auto Group is fast and easy! Come see us today to sell your car no matter the make or model. We’ll see you soon!

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